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LibertyBellThe fine folks at Taco Bell messed up my order earlier.

I’m not here to complain or anything, it’s just a nice topic that got me thinking. People who work in fast food are braver people than I. I’m still not the sort of person who could work with the public. I made my transition from working with very few people, to working with 20 or so people, to working with 40 people, and now I work in a high school. It’s a nice progression, but you still don’t get very many random people waltzing into a high school.

I guess the thing is, since I would not be capable of working with the public, I try to not be the kind of person who makes that sort of job difficult. Earlier tonight, I ordered supreme soft shell tacos that I received as not-so-supreme. I returned to the counter and said, “I hate to be that guy, but…”

The folks were way cool about the whole thing and I even got to keep the un-supreme tacos.

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