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I have really neglected my little corner of the internet.

That said, I have been out and about doing really exciting things. I started playing hockey, I became an on-ice official (but never worked a game, unfortunately), got a new job, and moved halfway across the state. So much can happen over the course of so few months. Maybe the world is due the story.

Last summer, I was really bored. I guess it’s part of working ten months out of the year, but I’m the sort of person who always has to do something. The CPA firm welcomed me back for a month to help implement their next round of technology investments. This time, I really enjoyed being there. Not being the only tech worker will do that, I suppose. I took the month of July off, traveled a bit, met some new people, and enjoyed myself.

Everyone knew that when I started the help desk job at the high school I graduated from, it was a huge step down for me. I was working way below my skill level and took a sizable pay cut. I didn’t try to keep it a secret that my goal was to work at the district level. I interned with those folks as a student, and the department was largely intact by the time I came back seven years later. My reputation preceded me and no one doubted what I was capable of. There was little to be done outside of work hours and while I enjoyed the ability to relax, I needed something more. A friend had talked me into becoming a hockey official in August. Unable to pass up a chance to give something back to the game I love, I jumped all over it. I registered with USA Hockey and enrolled in the Level 1 seminar.

At the same time, it became increasingly apparent that there would not be any room for me at the district level technology department anytime soon. One member of their team had left for a new job and another was retiring. Neither of them were to be replaced. I had to do something different. My new plan was to keep my day job, move to Henderson, ref youth hockey part-time, and patiently wait for my opportunity to move up. Regardless, I would be getting the change of scenery I really needed.

August 29, 2013 is the day everything was put on hold. I was tipped off to an open position in another school district in Kentucky as a network admin/technician–right up my alley. There was no waiting on this one. I applied for the job less than half an hour after knowing about it. From what I have gathered since then, the position had been open for some time and no one who was a good fit had shown any interest. The CIO called me to schedule an interview the next day.

My job interview on September 4, 2013 was a grand slam. I sat before a panel of district administrators and told them of my purpose, skills, and experience in the field. I formally accepted their offer of employment two days later, and thus began planning my transition. Thankfully, I had a friend nearby willing to offer me a place to stay for a while. I said goodbye to my hometown on September 27 in preparation for my first day on October 1. The new environment and being able to make all-new first impressions were the biggest weights lifted from me over the years.

The past four months have shown me that one can have their dream job. I never dread working anymore. I learn new things all the time and welcome all the new challenging problems I have to solve every day. I’m leaving my mark on the world and making a difference in more lives, yet I’m still mostly behind the scenes where I thrive. Not bad for a guy who used to be an awkward nerd.

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