Now I know why everyone hates the cable company

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So, I called Time Warner Cable on Monday to order TV service. The guy was super helpful and wasn’t pushy with the bundling and the leased equipment. He said a truck would roll the next day to remove the filters from my drop so I could watch TV, and that I could at that point immediately start watching boxless cable until my CableCARD came in.

Yesterday… lo and behold, I see a TWC van outside the apartment building. The guy sticks around for about fifteen minutes and leaves. I turn on my small TV and do a channel scan… no dice. This should have been my first red flag, but I thought maybe I really do have to have a box to get everything.

Today, my HDHomeRun PRIME tuner came in and I gleefully set everything up, then called in to activate the CableCARD. Everything pairs up fine, but the tuner doesn’t have a signal. I get transferred to the CableCARD support department and talk to a super nice guy named Josh. We go through some troubleshooting steps, he doesn’t insult my intelligence, everything is all good. We determine the line is filtered and another truck needs to roll. The problem is, no one can come out until Sunday. The work should have been done yesterday.

Strike 1.

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