You can continue assuming my life is exciting

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I last wrote something of substance on this blog way back in 2015. That’s depressing, right? I’m sure a reasonable person would think I’m out skydiving every day since I obviously don’t have the time to write anything.

That reasonable person would be wrong. I rarely get in planes, and the last time I did so was in 2011, much less jump out of them. However, here’s a short list of big things I’ve done since the last time you heard from me:

  • Moved.
  • Met a nice woman, as my mother would say.
  • Moved again.
  • Got a new job.
  • Proposed to aforementioned nice woman.

It’s hard to make time for something no one really reads, but that’s a classic chicken-and-egg problem. I’ve been doing a lot of cool stuff in my job, so I think that’s what I’ll start with here…soon.


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