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Area code 364 was introduced in 2014 to much fanfare. Officials with the Kentucky Public Service Commission had been working on a new area code for western Kentucky since 2006, when they announced [PDF] that a split of 270 would be necessary … Continued

Welcome to Kirkman’s Korner

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I don’t write enough about cool technology I come across or things I do in my professional life. I actually just don’t write enough. This is my attempt to change that. My name is Drew Kirkman. I’m a systems and … Continued

John Legere is right

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I am a somewhat content AT&T customer. But that’s only because T-Mobile doesn’t exist on the roads between the locations where I work. Last night, John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile US, announced his company was going to crack down on people … Continued

News story comments are fun

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A TV station from back home posted a news story saying all local calls from within the 812 area code will now require ten-digit dialing. It was graced with this comment: Can you make local calls from your home phone? … Continued

I’m still alive, promise

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I have really neglected my little corner of the internet. That said, I have been out and about doing really exciting things. I started playing hockey, I became an on-ice official (but never worked a game, unfortunately), got a new … Continued


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The fine folks at Taco Bell messed up my order earlier. I’m not here to complain or anything, it’s just a nice topic that got me thinking. People who work in fast food are braver people than I. I’m still … Continued